Call Accounting Software

Call Accounting Software is a Windows based application which is compatible with all types of PBX. It helps the admin in generating the inbound & outbound call reports of any extension within the organization.

Call accounting Software has 3 modules such as: Capturing, Processing, Reporting

Capturing pulls the CDR data from EXPABX through IP or Serial Port. Application dumps the CDR data in to dedicated server system.

Processing adds cost, employee name, ID, service providers details, service providers tariff to each CDR. Each processed cdr will be inserted in to MySql database.

Reporting will be provided to monitor all calls with different reports as shown below.

The CallAccS Reporting has different search queries based on Employee id, extension, duration, Cost, Authcode, Line, Phone Number, Department, Call Type, Location and Time, Business hours and Non Business hours, service Provider, cost center and between the date range(From date and To date).

Types of Reporting

Manual Reporting

The manual report generation can be done on the system where the software has been installed.

Automated Reporting

The reports will be generated automatically by the software & generated reports can be sent to the respective person’s email ID. The reports can be automated to admin & to the end user too.

Web Reporting

The reports can be checked by the authorized person by logging into the web url anywhere within the company Intranet.

Why Call Billing

  • The Trapping & Processing modules will operate as windows services
  • Immediate report generation with complete CDR records in the database options of exporting reports in PDF or Excel sheet.
  • Compatible with all kinds of EPABX
  • Anytime support & service model
  • Automation of reports to the respective mail box