Technogo Receptionist Console

Technogo Receptionist Console is a web based applications & one of the greatest tools for the operators who can manage the inbound & outbound calls effectively.  The receptionist console is compatible with all SIP based or Hybrid PBX.


Multiple lines:

TGRC supports many simultaneous calls & manages up to 3 SIP accounts

Through configuration panel, an account can be dedicated for default outbound calls & can be used unders BLF monitoring which shows the incoming or outgoing call status wherein the  receptionist can answer, transfer, hold or hangup the calls by simple pressing the button.

Simplified Receptionist Operations:

The Receptionist console is enhanced in such a way the attendant can use the Headset or Handsfree speaker for managing the flow of calls.

The calls can be simple answered or transferred to the required extensions by just pressing the incoming call button to answer and the press the button of the extension number and finally the transfer key.

Also, the option to have the call note attached to each call helps the attendant in reminding the callers request. The call notes are permanently stored in the call list.

BLF Keys not only shows the status of extensions, but also the calls can be made by just pressing the button and can make an announcement even if the extension number is busy. The operator can directly answer the call of the other extension when the person is unavailable when this functionality is configured by the Admin.

Touch Ready Screen:

TGRC has the facilities to operate with touch based screen too, which make the operations as simple as one touch with swipe & Scroll on the BLF list.

BLF functions:

The BLF (Busy Lamp Field) lists displays the status of internal extension, such as Idle, call waiting, ringing & no response when there is no answer & helps to monitor all the extensions.

The functions of BLF lists are Transfer call, Call barge in, call waiting, call pickup of the other extension when the call goes unanswered.

If the number of the extensions to be monitored are exceeding beyond the single page, the software rearranges the list by itself on the multiple pages along with selection tab options & swipe scrolling functions to move for the other pages.

Multiple Audio Devices:

Technogo RC supports multiple audio devices such as regular PC based Headsets, Bluetooth headsets & the internal audio device. The attendant can always select the desired device for the conversation.

Call Notes:

The attendant can always make a note in regards to the conversations. These notes are always saved in the call history of & can be displayed in the recent calls list pages.

Recent Calls:

The recent calls list shows the inbound & outbound calls made along with the caller details, call durations & if the calls were transferred to others.

Contact List:

The RC allows accessing the fast dial list for the commonly dialed numbers along with web applications for contact management.

Web Integration:

The web application for managing contacts can be integrated between contact management applications and the phone systems.

Technogo Receptionist console incorporated the web browser in order to handle this integration.

The software analyzes web pages, highlights and makes every phone number found on the page clickable.

The system can be configured to search numbers having a certain number of digits only, and/or containing a prefix (eg “tel:”)

In addition to the auto search function, DRC handle standard hyperlinks used in telephony (dialto:, sip: sip2: callto: etc..)

Customs skins & Ringtones:

Technogo RC has its own graphical themes. The skin & the logo can be customized as per the needs.

Answering Machines:

In the event of the attendant unavailable temporarily, the status can be set as “Unavailable” or the calls can be forward to the other extension, or the Voice message options can be turned on accordingly.

Basic Voice Codecs:

TGRC support many voice codecs for both narrowband & wideband depending on the codecs available.

The codecs available are G711 u-Law, G711 a-Law, iLBC, GSM, L16, Speex, G722, G722.1, G726… etc